Sáenz Peña 204, Barranco, Lima – Perú.
+ 51 1 206 0800.

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The House


Adjacent to La Sala, with access to amenities, full service provided by our concierge and an attentive staff.

Living room

The largest room, the heart of Hotel B, is La Sala, which serves as a reception and gathering area. The space faces the main street and features two large sitting areas with Grand French ambiance. Access to all amenities, concierge and attentive full-service staff are always close at hand.


Adjacent to the lobby, La Biblioteca is a quiet room on the main floor, decoreted with maps and books reminiscent of a Classic Explorer’s Club. A large reading table is the ideal spot for a light breakfast or to catch up on work. Nearby doors open onto the hotel’s enclosed central patio, with abundant greenery and afternoon sun. Enjoy a light meal en plein air.

El Patio

An enclosed central patio with abundant greenery which separates the old house from the contemporary annex surrounded with jasmine and fig scents; ideal for an outdoor breakfast; also open for lunch and dinner.


An open, airy setting for relaxation or work on the second floor, reserved exclusively for hotel guests. Available newspapers, light reading materials, basic home office equipment, with light snacks, coffee and tea.

Sundowner Deck

A private outdoor lounge on the rooftop overlooking Barranco and the Pacific Ocean. Full bar and a light menu, available during warm months. Exclusive for hotel guests.

First Floor
The first floor consists of the living rooms and social areas, restaurant & bar, and three bedrooms.
Second Floor
The second floor is starring the Lounge, space surrounded by the Atelier rooms. The corridor overlooking the Patio leads us to the Aposento bedrooms and the contemporary building.
Third Floor
The third floor is at the contemporary area where there are 3 rooms.
On the hotel rooftop is the terrace overlooking the ocean and the spa space.