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Emilio Rodríguez Larraín: "Selection of Work Through Time"

On Thursday, July 3, 2014, is the inauguration of Emilio Rodriguez Larrain's exhibition entitled "Selection of Work Through Time" at the Lucia de la Puente Gallery at 7.30pmThis exhibition contains a valuable selection of the work of Emilio Rodríguez Larraín, including unpublished samples of his beginnings in the late 50's in France, others from the 60’s in Milan, from the 80’s in Berlin,...

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Luiz Hara of The London Foodie at Hotel B

Luiz is an Italian-Japanese Brazilian chef who made London home 20 years ago. He is passionate about good food, wine and travel and have been writing as The London Foodie since 2009.  Today he visits Peru and left us two beautiful comments via Instagram. We share this with you.

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Vick Muniz: Más aca de la Imagen

Vik Muniz es un artista y fotógrafo brasileño nacido en la ciudad de Sao Paulo en 1961. Empezó trabajando en series para luego incorporar a su obra el uso de objetos cotidianos como diamantes, azúcar, hilo, sirope de chocolate, etc para crear una audaz e irónica imaginería que juega con el engaño, obtenida de la Cultura Pop y la Historia del Arte. Muniz ha expuesto al rededor del mundo...

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Paradero Exibition at Galería Lucía de la Puente.

Our partners, Galería Lucía de la Puente, will be holding a really interesting exhibition. Some of the artists that have art pieces in this exhibition have art pieces in the hotel too, just as Abel Bentin and Haroldo Higa. This exhibition is the perfect gate to Peruvian contemporary art scene. Free guided tours to the Gallery are offered to our guests and these tours are done by art experts...

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Return to the Island of Cythera

Yvonne Sanguineti Galería de Arte will be holding until the 10th of October an exhibition by Peruvian artist José Luís Carranza. The exhibition, titled "Return to the Island of Cythera", reminds the topic of one of the most famous paintings by Rococo French artist Watteau, painted in 1718, " Pilgrimage on the Isle of Cythera". During the 18th century Cythera  had a licentious image an...

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