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The Rob Roy, a Scotch who met Manhattan.

When the Manhattan cocktail took hold in the United States, about 1874, rye whiskey ruled the bars in the country. When you add sweet vermouth to rye whiskey, and a hint of bitter, adding intrigue, Manhattan is obtained, a powerful but harmonious cocktail. In 1891, however, a new spirit came to the American scene, Scotch whiskey. The news caught the scene, it was only a matter of time before some bartenders change rye by scotch.

In 1894 the premiere of "Rob Roy", a Broadway musical based on the exploits of the Scottish folk hero Rob Roy MacGregor, inspires to New York Waldorf Hotel to create their own "Manhattan", a new cocktail scotch, Italian vermouth and bitter. A new classic was born.

Let's enjoy the great classics in Hotel B, enjoy a good Rob Roy!

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