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David LaChapelle in Lima and Hotel B.

In January 2015 Hotel B had the honor of hosting David LaChapelle, the only Active “Photography Artist” today.

LaChapelle came to Lima to exhibit a wide selection of photographic series ranging from 1984-2013 where the artist shows us loving pictures and a critique of pop culture of the XXI century.

The exhibition consisted of his first series “Good News For Modern Men” Depicting images in black and white of the Italian Renaissance.  His first forays from color into Negative Currency, as well as the Earth laughs in flowers, Still Life, Recollections in America and Landscapes.  These series show issues such as transience of life and consumer society among others.

LaChapelle's work is influenced by his relationship with magazines where fashion and icons of contemporary culture are primarily matters but under his own worldview.

David LaChapelle is internationally known for his exceptional talent combining a unique hyper-realist esthetic with a deep social message. LaChapelle photography continues to be a deep impact in the celebrity world as well as the demanding “Contemporary Art”.

He was so kind to leave us with a small illustration in our hotel guest book.

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