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Vick Muniz: Más aca de la Imagen

Vik Muniz is a Brazilian artist and photographer born in Sao Paulo in 1961. Primarily working in series, Muniz incorporates the use of quotidian objects such as diamonds, sugar, thread, chocolate syrup, etc in his practice to create bold, ironic and often deceiving imagery, gleaned from the pages of pop culture and art history. Muniz has exposed worldwide and now he has come to Peru. He will be holding an exhibition in MAC Lima (Museo de Arte Contemporáneo – Contemporary Art Museum) between de 23d of January and the 13th of April. Vik Muniz has been a guest of Hotel B, and he was able to experience unique suites and charming spaces.

23 January 2014 until 13 April 2014

“Photograph has taken a main character role in contemporary consciousness model and it has turned to be a unique tool to explain recent history, but our growing ability to absorb and consume photograph’s meaning has never been complemented by the discerning and understanding of the work’s dynamics and its influence in the information that proceeds and transmits. Once photograph turns to be briefer through its digital dissemination, my work tries to reconnect with human senses involving the public with its physical character and materials. Scale changes, materials and processes end showing the filters of photograph’s meaning, revealing photograph image’s nature simultaneously as information and as mechanism”.

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