Sáenz Peña 204, Barranco, Lima – Perú.
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Exhibition by Ángel Valdez and Héctor Mata

The Museum of Contemporary Art - Lima (Museo de Arte Contemporáneo MAC-Lima) will be holding an exhibition by Ángel Valdez and Héctor Mata. Both are Peruvian contemporary artists. They have just re-elaborated the Peruvian flag, using different elements, in an installation named “Pabellon Nacional” or national ensign.

Ángel Valdez and Héctor Mata have taken their inspiration of the group called “Sociedad Civil” (Social Society), a group of artists that did some performances having the flag – with political connotation - as the main character. They literally washed the Peruvian flag in the Plaza de Armas. Susana Torres, Peruvian artist, was one of the promoters of this group.

The exhibition will take place between the 11th of July and the 1st of September.

We strongly recommend MAC - Lima temporary exhibitions as they usually show contemporary Peruvian (and international) art movements. It is located just 10 minutes walk from B Arts Boutique Hotel.

(Photo: MAC-Lima/ Difusión)

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